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Sunday, January 15, 2017
Click the image to get some cute note-taking pages!

Ok, I know what you're saying... Meetings? Enjoyable? Those two things do not usually go in the same sentence. But maybe they can if you have cute paper to write on! 

Flashback to this past week. It was Thursday and I had just gotten over having the flu (yuck!). We had a staff meeting that afternoon, but if I'm being honest, what I really wanted to be doing after school was going back to bed. Since I wasn't about to make myself a cup of coffee (You know you're not feeling well when you don't even want coffee!!), I made the next best thing... a printable for my Big Happy Planner! :)

At first I created it with Google Fonts... added some adorable teacher graphics from EduClips ...but then this weekend I discovered Brittney Murphy Designs and OMG am I obsessed with her fonts! 

I got to playing around and now you can have FREE, fun note-taking pages for your meetings too! Click the first image to grab it in my store! 
Here's a preview of the different styles: 

Happy note-taking!


  1. LOVE your note taking pages - they're adorable!

    Teaching Autism

  2. These are awesome! I agree, taking notes on fancy paper is SOOOO much better than on plain :P

  3. Adorable. I will have to check out these fonts as well.


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