Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Hello, hello! I'm not sharing teaching tips today, but I am sharing a tip that I think will help you become a more productive teacher ;) Because, let's face it...we're all more productive when things look cute/pretty/insert another girly adjective here. I've even been known to take my personal laptop into school instead of using my work one. The reason being that I've customized SO MUCH on my personal laptop to help myself enjoy doing the part of my job that doesn't involve interacting with kids. It's silly, I know .. I'm just that person.

The tip I'm sharing for productivity today? How to make your computer screen look beautiful! It's easier than you think! And I promise that once you've customized, you'll feel like you can get down to business... and you might actually want to! 
First things first: Change your background! 
There are so many options out there. I'm someone who needs a clean/simple look to stop procrastinating (thank you, Pinterest) and get to work. That's why my background is currently a watercolor image from Teach Create Motivate. It's available here on her Instagram. She's a genius! The background image even has designated spots for your to-do lists. I just type mine up on "Stickies" (which I've obviously customized with cute fonts).

Organize Your Files
Ugh... this one was a pain for me. When I first started TPT, everything I created was just

EVERYWHERE. I also love putting things on my desktop for easy access. This is totally fine... but make sure you organize it in a file folder somewhere after! I went ahead and organized my clip art into categories, and now everything is so easy to find. All of my products in my TPT folder are organized by type as well. I know what you're saying ... but I have SO MUCH! It will take FOREVER to organize. Ok, ok, I know. But seriously, you will feel way better. If you don't want to organize by category, at least do yourself a favor and organize everything in your folders by Name or Date added. I promise it will be easier to find and make you more efficient. 

Customize Your File Folders
This is the fun part!!! I've created a Screenshot Video to walk you through how to customize your folders :) The best part is it's SO simple!! Enjoy!! 

Want my folder images? Grab them here for free! :) I'd love to see how you use them! Be sure to tag Teaching Little Leaders in your Instagram and Facebook photos! 

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