Sunday, January 14, 2018
Alright teacher friends, I don't know about you but sometimes I really struggle to come up with a variety centers for my kiddos. This is especially true for our writing center. I have several go-to activities that they love. There is a center organization system in place and activities are rotated so they're not doing the same thing all the time but it still feels repetitive to me. I would love for them to be exposed to different kinds of writing that are simple to complete for them and simple to set up for me.

This is the thought that made me decide to create templates for different kinds of writing we all do in real, every day life. With Valentine's Day coming up, cards seemed like the perfect first center to try.

This writing center will have 2 options: prompted cards and blank cards for students to make their own. 

Make Your Own Cards: 
1. Start with a piece of paper oriented in landscape. 
2. Cut it right down the middle (lengthwise).
3. Now you have 2 cards ready to fold.
4. Fold the top down the bottom.
5. Decide which way you want your card to face and create! 

Prompted Cards
It always amazes me when I see the ideas my students come up with during independent writing time. While I'm sure this will be no different with the blank cards, I still wanted to expose them to a variety of card types. 

The cards I created for our center include: 
Thank You
Get Well Soon
*Plus a blank template to print w/ dotted lines (for those of us who have trouble cutting straight, like me!) 

If you want your students to enjoy some card making fun, here are a few prompted cards you can grab for FREE, just scroll to click the pink box below the picture. 

If you want more cards, check out the full resource I'm using with my students: Writers Write Cards Center.

Want to save this post and come back for your free resource another time? 

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