Saturday, April 21, 2018
Hey Teacher Friends,

If there's one thing I know about teachers, it's that we all lead busy lifestyles. Not only do we care for and educate our students all day, but we also do have lives outside of school - believe it or not ;) These past 3 weeks have been the busiest for me in a long time. They consisted of traveling 3 times, writing report cards, and preparing for family events. On top of that, I was drinking my usual 2-3 cups of coffee a day to ensure I had the necessary energy to keep up with my students and busy schedule.

I love coffee. I'm one of those people who really can't function or do anything productive until I've had at least 2 cups. There's only one problem with this... no beautiful white teeth. And it's not just coffee that causes unflattering teeth stains. Did you know that foods like black tea, colored soda, gum, and many others affect the color of your teeth? So even if you get your teacher energy from foods and drinks besides coffee, your teeth can still be affected. 

These are just a few reasons that I was motivated to team up with Smile Brilliant to test the effectiveness of at-home teeth whitening on a busy, coffee-loving teacher. Keep reading to hear about the process and enter a GIVEAWAY!

The Kit
The Smile Brilliant Kit arrives quickly at your doorstep! It's packaged with optimal organization and includes everything you need to create your custom-fit teeth trays right away. The kit also includes simple, step-by-step instructions for taking teeth impressions, sending the impressions back, and the whitening/desensitizing process.

I was so excited to get my kit, I had to snap a picture of it! 

Custom-Fit Trays
When I found out that I'd have to take impressions of my teeth, I felt nervous. I was fairly certain that I would mess this up. However, Smile Brilliant made the process easy to follow. I immediately felt at ease. The kit includes step by step instructions to walk you through exactly how to create the mold. They even include pictures to show what the mold should and should not look like. This was exactly what I needed to ensure I completed the first step accurately. Oh, and get this: they even include extra molds in case you do make a mistake. Phew!

To take your teeth impressions, you mix two molds together, press them into the impression trays, and bite. I love that the instructions detail how long to keep the molds in for and what it should look/feel like when they're ready to be removed. My impressions were made in less than 10 minutes! Once you make your impression trays, simply put them in the envelope provided and stick them in the mail. Your custom-fit whitening trays arrive within days!

Whitening Trays
A quick note about these whitening trays. I was expecting to get hard, uncomfortable trays (you know, like the retainer trays you got from the dentist after getting your braces off? Ugh!) The whitening trays from Smile Brilliant are the exact opposite! They're comfortable and fit my teeth perfectly. There was no pain or uncomfortable feeling when I wore them at all.

Whitening my teeth was so easy to do, even with my busy schedule! Simply insert the whitening gel into your custom-fitted whitening trays and gently place them on your teeth. Again, Smile Brilliant provided clear instructions for how to place the trays in so that the gel covers the area of your teeth that you're trying to whiten. You can leave the trays in for 1-3 hours and continue going about your day. Easy peasy.

Since tooth sensitivity during whitening is common, Smile Brilliant also provides you with desensitizing gel. After cleaning and drying your trays, you insert the desensitizing gel. Just as you did with the whitening process, you place the trays on your teeth. This step only lasts 15-20 minutes. I experienced very minimal sensitivity during this process thanks to this step!

The Results
Oh my goodness, you guys. I did not realize how stained my teeth were before this process. Yikes!  To say I'm thankful for the results is not enough. Here are my before and after shots after 14 days of whitening:
Top: Before Picture; Bottom: After Picture
Overall Review
Whitening my teeth with the Smile Brilliant whitening kit was simple and easy to do. The team was great to work with and their instructions were very helpful! I loved that it fit seamlessly in with my busy schedule of work, family events, and hobbies. You know what I loved even more though? Being able to love my smile again with whiter teeth.


Giveaway link:
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The giveaway is for a $149 Smile Brilliant credit. It is open for 1 week and open to USA, UK, Australia and Canadian residents. 

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