3 Simple Assessment Tips for Elementary Teachers

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3 Simple Assessment Tips for Elementary Teachers

Picture this: Sunday morning sitting on your couch with piles of papers to grade while your kids are trying to get your attention.

This probably doesn't sound like the way you want to be spending your weekends, but likely some version of this scenario has happened to you before. Am I right?

We've all been there, friend.

Grading can feel like it takes a lot of our precious time and it's a task that easily gets pushed to the weekend.

But not anymore!!

Here are 3 crazy simple tips for assessing students quickly!


Use Formative Assessments When You Can

Formative assessments can be really telling and can absolutely be in the form of observations during independent activities. Keeping notes on observations and using them as very informal ways to assess can also help you notice and track progress students make.

Bonus Tip: Keep a notebook with tabs for each student where you keep your observational notes



Use Task Based Assessments As Much As Possible

Task Based Assessments are seriously my FAV. Why?

  • You can do them during independent learning times
  • You grade as you go!

How? Use a checklist (and probably your observation notebook!) to mark mastery of a skill or progress toward mastery.

Boom - instant grades.


Delegate or Use Quick Checks

Have something that doesn't need to be graded? Delegate checking that work to someone if you can!

For work that does need to be graded, utilize quick checks when possible.

If it’s a quick task or exit ticket, quickly mark these as students hand them in to you. Students then start an early finisher activity. 


One final note that sums up these tips...

Try to keep paper assessments that you need to check to a minimum

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