3 Ways to Use Slides in your Kindergarten Classroom

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3 Ways to Use Slides in your Kindergarten Classroom

If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that my teaching just flows better when I use slides.

I've tried to teach without them, and I end up:

  • forgetting parts of the lesson,
  • stumbling over my words,
  • or feeling like the lesson is super boring with just me standing in front of my kids with nothing visual or interactive to use.

I know what you might be saying right now... But slides are just ONE MORE THING to prep. And I get it. They are. So I'll ask you this:

  • Will they allow you to get more interactive?
  • Will they help provide supports for your visual learners?
  • Will they help your lessons flow better?

Then it's worth it. And teacher friend, if managing your prep time is something you struggle with, you're in the right place because that is my specialty! You can find all of my time management blog posts here. But wait just a second to check those out until you're done here :)

 Here are the 3 best ways to use slides in your classroom: 


Include Picture Slides that Show Students What Materials They Need.


Link or Embed Videos Right Into the Slide


Include Visuals and Prompts That Communicate Expectations, Routines, or Transition Steps. 


You can always set up any lesson slides in PowerPoint or Google Slides, but if you want some that are done for you, I have an entire bundle all ready for you to edit. Check that out here!




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