5 Strategies for Meaningful Small Group Instruction

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5 Strategies for Meaningful Small Group Instruction

Does planning for small group lessons feel like one more thing on your plate (that often gets pushed to the back burner)? If you’re struggling to fit planning for small groups into your day and looking for effective strategies that will help you keep it simple and get them done, this episode is for you!

Small group instruction is a great way to engage students and promote active learning. In this episode, you’ll learn five strategies to make the most of your small-group lessons.

This episode is part 1 of 2 in a small group planning series! 


In this episode about small group instruction, you’ll learn:

  • The first thing to do if you’re feeling stuck about what to teach during small groups
  • Why having a framework for your lessons will save you tons of time on planning (plus get an example you can use right away).
  • An important shift in grouping that will help you plan purposeful lessons


Take a screenshot of this episode, share on social media, and tag me @teachinglittleleaders! Let me know which strategy you’re most excited to try!

In next week’s episode, we’re diving into how to write a small group lesson plan that’s effective in a snap. Make sure to tune in every Tuesday for more time management and planning tips that will help you keep things simple, find joy in teaching, and leave work at work!


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