How to Manage Planning, Prepping, and Teacher Burnout with Maggie Jarvis

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How to Manage Planning, Prepping, and Teacher Burnout

In this episode, I'm joined by an elementary teacher, Maggie, who shares her inspiring story, from feeling completely worn down and burnt out, to how she decided to make a change that would allow her to be the productive, happy teacher she always wanted to be. 


In This Episode about Teacher Time Management and Burnout You’ll Learn:

  • How Maggie went from completely overwhelmed and on the verge of burnout to managing her planning time effectively.

  • What has had the biggest impact on managing lesson planning, prepping, and teacher guilt

  • Maggie's experience as a member of the Teacher Time University Course


Join Teacher Time University and learn how to get planned, prepped, and organized for the following week before the weekend! 

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