How to Quickly Set Up Weekly Slides for Teaching

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How to Quickly Set Up Weekly Slides for Teaching

Are you using slides for teaching? Do you spend hours upon hours setting up those subject slides, wondering what to include in them?? If you find yourself starting from scratch with your slides for distance learning, or even in-person learning, you're in the right place.

Using slides for teaching are my jam. In other words, I LOVE setting them up! If you're reading this with shock and awe right now, I get it.

It used to feel like a lot of work for me too.

That was until I figured out what did and did not need to be included in them.

As a result, I currently have an entire bundle of over 700 slides that teachers can customize to any lesson they teach! Click here to check it out.



What You'll Need to Set Up Teaching Slides in Less Time:

  • A PowerPoint or Google Slides file that you'll save as your weekly template.
  • Make slides for each subject students participate in - or if you don't feel like making them, you can find my ready-to-go templates here.
  • Add text or visuals you routinely need week after week
  • Make sure to save what you set up as a template so you can return to it every week!

Once you have your template ready to go, all you have to do each week is add in specifics for your lessons.

Weekly Slides Set Up Workflow:

  1. Take out lesson plans
  2. Open your template
  3. Start with the first lesson of the day on Monday (for example: Morning Meeting)
  4. Add text, visuals, or videos to support the lesson
  5. Continue editing slides for that subject for the rest of the week
  6. Go back to the second lesson of the day for Monday (for example: Writing)
  7. Edit all writing lessons for the week
  8. Repeat until all lesson slides are ready to go!

Why should you prep all slides for one subject instead of all slides for one day at a time?

By focusing on one subject at a time, you're allowing your brain to maintain focus on one area of teaching. This increases your productivity because you're not switching gears between lessons. In other words, you'll be less distracted and use less brain power. Win, win!

Above all, remember to keep it simple!. Use visuals, add teaching points and other important prompts - but no need to go overboard! Your slides should guide your teaching, not be another set of lesson plans.

Do you know slide templates would be a super helpful tool, but don't have the time to make them for everything you teach? No problem! I have an entire bundle of 10 slide resources for you!




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