How to Use Your Teacher Burnout as a Catalyst for Change with Amber Harper

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How to Use Your Teacher Burnout as a Catalyst for Change with Amber Harper

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Teacher burnout is unfortunately a common experience for many. But did you know that your burnout is unique to you? And how you overcome that burnout depends on what kind of burnout you’re experiencing? This week I’m joined by Amber Harper, who shares how she used her teacher burnout as a catalyst for change and how you can too! 

Amber Harper is a Kindergarten Teacher, author of Hacking Teacher Burnout, podcaster, and Teacher Burnout Coach. She gives struggling teachers a path to follow as they navigate their way out of burnout by helping them grow through their burnout and take their next best steps toward what they want from their career in education and in life. You can learn more about her and the services she offers at


In This Episode About Overcoming Teacher Burnout You’ll Learn:

  • Common signs of burnout you could be experiencing
  • Unconventional, but effective, self care tips you should be utilizing
  • Different types of burnout that teachers experience
  • How Amber used her own burnout as a catalyst for change, and how you can too. 


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