Why Teachers Shouldn't Take Work Home

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Why Teachers Shouldn't Take Work Home

You're about to go on Thanksgiving Break, and in a few weeks, winter break. You’re torn between taking a break and bringing work home to “catch up” because you’ll “have more time.” So what should you do? Well, as you can see the answer is in the title but in this episode, I'm going to tell you exactly why leaving work at work over any kind of break is good for your teacher soul.


In This Episode About Using Teacher Boundaries, You’ll Learn:

  • Eye-opening statistics about teacher burnout

  • The main thing most teachers forget about taking breaks because they have so much on their plates.

  • The surprising truth about how taking breaks can actually help you (even when you have more on your to-do list)

  • The positive effect that taking breaks and setting boundaries around when you will and won't lesson plan can have on you.


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