What Kind of Teacher Will You Be in 2023?

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What Kind of Teacher Will You Be in 2023?

Do you feel like everything in your teacher life is out of control? Today I want to share how a simple, intentional reflection can help you regain control and be on your way to being the teacher you want to be. In this episode, we practice self-reflection and identify what purposeful changes we can make to be more productive, happier teachers in 2023.


In This Episode About Self Reflection and Improving Productivity for Elementary Teachers, You’ll Learn:

  • 2 steps to becoming the teacher you want to be moving forward (even when it feels like everything is out of your control)
  • About two teachers who began managing time effectively in the classroom, despite obstacles like lack of time and long to-do lists.
  • What reflections and decisions can help you do the same


Links Mentioned in the Episode:


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