Why Elementary Teachers Need to Set Boundaries Immediately

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Setting Boundaries for Teachers

How are you? Truly. How are you doing right now?

Are you stressed? Calm? Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Feeling positive?

Any and all of those emotions are normal, allowed, and to be expected. Why? Teaching is hard. We were taught how to teach, but we weren't necessarily taught how to manage all of the lesson planning, prepping, grading, and so much more, without taking work home with us all of the time. 

Today I'm sharing a teacher time management tip that is absolutely KEY to your mindset and productivity.

I guess you already figured it out from the title of this post... but I'll say it anyway: setting boundaries.


What are boundaries for teachers?

Boundaries are a set of guidelines you determine you’ll stick to based on how you want to live your life. You probably have boundaries in many parts of your life.

For example, you might set a boundary around certain conversations you will or will not have with particular people in your life.

You are entitled to have boundaries. Let me say that again. It is OK ... no, actually... it is YOUR RIGHT to have boundaries. You don't need permission to have them. You get to decide what they are and how you'll apply them in your life.

Boundaries for teachers might include: how late you will or won't stay at work, or when you'll answer emails. But more on that in a minute. 


 Why are boundaries important for teacher productivity?

Boundaries can help teachers be more productive because they:

  • protect your mindset
  • help you avoid burnout
  • keep you from doing things you don’t want to do

But here's the thing, friend: boundaries only work if you set them and assertively stick to them. 

So what boundaries are you going to set around your teacher time? Will you set a time that you'll leave each day? Will you set a boundary around when you will and will not respond to emails? What boundaries will help you stay productive while limiting stress?

Figure out the answer to that question. Set those boundaries, and hold on tight to them.


5 Examples of Boundaries for Teachers:

  1.  When you will check and respond to emails
  2. When you will start work
  3. When you will end work
  4. How many committees you will join
  5. How much you will or won't work on weekends


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